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Life ... Or Grave Danger

Welcome to The Wellness Express

This is my step-by-step roadmap to understanding how our bodies work, spoken in terms that are concrete and instantly relevant to your personal wellness objectives. By applying some basic principles, both you and your loved ones can achieve these milestones:

  • Becoming a wellness-conscious consumer to take control of your health.
  • Finding a balance that enlists proper nutrition as part of your lifestyle.
  • Inspiring others with your achievements while avoiding disease and the effects of premature aging.

Doug has taken the complex subject of nutrition that many doctors have had no, none, zip, zero - nada - training in and put it into terms that are easy to read, understand and apply. If you want to take control of your health instead of leaving it to someone else - this is the book for you. By applying the basic principles that Doug teaches in this book, you and your family can enjoy a much healthier life and avoid the majority of the degenerative diseases associated with aging. As a physician I have collaborated with Doug for several years and have developed a definite respect for his knowledge. I am confident that you will feel the same way after reading this book.

C.C. Wilcher, D.C., N.M.D., C.Ac, D.N.B.H.E., D.I.A.M.A.
Author of the book, The Universal Laws of Healing

This book is the layman's definitive guide to good health. It is written in very clear and easy to understand language. It is a must-read for anyone interested in abundant life. A great book!

Dr. Dan Rogers M.D., N.M.D., Ph.D
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A Simple Beginning

Replace words and watch how your destination changes. Now substitute health with wellness and food with nutrition.

Change two words and you've already started to change your goals.

The Commitment

Take a look at your everday life. How often do you feel sluggish, are the sick days mounting up year over year?

The Commitment

Once you understand how your body communicates dis-ease, searching past health care for answers becomes inevitable.

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Activate Your Plan

Most people tend to invest more time arranging their business calendars than examining their wellness.

Activate Your Plan

Do you have goals for your long-term wellness? If not, what deserves more priority than avoiding disease?

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Our Community

We build circles of friends based entirely on our financial future, personal relationships and religious faith.

Our Community

And while we're told that nothing in life is more important than Our Health, we handle our wellness alone?

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