Digestion and Optimal Balance

Digestion and Optimal Balance

One of the challenges we encounter as we age, is that our digestive muscles start to get sluggish and contract more slowly.  This condition in turn causes food to move more sluggishly through our stomach and bowels leading to a result by which that food begins to clog up our gut, leaving us constipated.

Meanwhile, our liver also reduces its ability to produce bile as we age (this is the green fluid produced by our liver that’s critical for digesting food). Without enough bile, our food putrefies and ferments in our stomach leading to a buildup of toxic accumulated waste along with gas and bloating. It also becomes the leading source of many of the degenerative and chronic conditions that contribute to poor health. Remember …life and death begin in the gut.

This is why, in my wellness lectures, I always encourage my listeners and readers - especially if they’re over the age of 50 - that they can’t keep putting “temporary band-aids” on these challenges. We need to repair, strengthen and restore balance to our entire digestive system.  Disease is simply a body out of balance; so therefore, when we restore balance, we eliminate a state of dis-ease.

How Does the Body Process and Utilize Food?

First of all, when we put food in our mouths, we set off a series of events - all of which are critical to restoring and maintaining balance in our system. There are sensors on our tongue that immediately send signals to the brain allowing it to analyze the food we have introduced into our bodies. The brain responds by sending data to the saliva glands with instructions on what enzymes are required to start the digestion process during the original mastication process. The brain also communicates with the pancreas letting it know what is coming (protein, carbohydrates, etc.) and so it starts to create the proper digestive enzymes to complete the digestion process. The brain also instructs the stomach to start secreting hydrochloric acid (HCL) which is all part of a critical mosaic to the entire digestive process.

The one important piece of information that most people lack is that our bodies are only designed to process 30% of what we eat. This means that in order to properly break down all the food we consume, we must maintain a diet of complete whole food that is both natural and “not” denatured. That food must be rich with enzymes which have not been destroyed via high heat (overcooking), boiling (loss of all critical water soluble minerals), and over exposure to light and air (oxidization).

The body depends on the live enzymes in our food to process 70% of its mass between the mastication process (chewing) and when it reaches the stomach. This then leaves the HCL in the stomach, combined with the pancreatic digestive enzymes to complete the final 30% of the entire process. So consider digestion as part of an overall formula: If we continue to process food that has been denatured (synthetic, processed or void of enzymes), then 70% of what we eat will either be defecated or worse yet, accumulated as toxic waste in the gut where it becomes the precursor for most degenerative and chronic conditions.

How Can We Affect Change?

Virtually all disease of a degenerative or chronic nature is the direct result of accumulated waste. It is only once we understand and accept this as definitive truth that we can move ahead with a protocol that will effectively address these conditions. As all Zenus members and customers already accept, there are effective steps we can take - right now - that can alter our wellness trajectory and reverse unhealthy trends:

  1. Start eating more quality plant-based foods that are rich in live enzymes.
  2. Make sure you are using a food preparation system that does not destroy the natural nutritional value of what you eat, ensuring that crucial vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain mostly in tact.
  3. Using Optimum D-Tox on a regular daily basis will assure the breakdown and elimination of accumulated waste, thus helping to create an intestinal environment much more resistant to attracting harmful pathogens, virus’s or germs. At the same time Optimum D-Tox will provide the body with a unique set of natural constituents that can assist the body in restoring balance to any area that may have been previously compromised by accumulated waste.
  4. Remember! All degenerative or chronic conditions are the direct result of body pollutants.
  5. Eliminate the toxins – restore balance – enjoy wellness – it’s that simple!

For the better part of three decades, Zenus Global Health founder Doug Widdifield has been an educator, author and leader in a whole-food nutritional movement that has become his life's work. His whole-food nutritional products have produced impressive, life-changing results and his formulas have even been registered as compounds in the People's Republic of China, long regarded as leaders in an unbroken tradition of natural remedies. New audiences continue to discover the secret behind his products and why you should join his Wellness Express movement. Optimum D-Tox is a proprietary concentrated extract from active ingredients produced from Yucca Schidigera which has been engineered as a systemic (non invasive) intestinal cleanser that is safe to use daily. The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. Zenus Global Health products are sold as dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, or cure any disease or illness.
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