How to Boost Your Body’s Most Powerful Detox System

How to Boost Your Body’s Most Powerful Detox System

Unfortunately, many conventional doctors don’t recognize the importance of detoxifying our bodies even though there’s overwhelming evidence that the chemicals, solvents, toxins and other dangerous compounds in our environment get into our bodies and stay there - unless we do something to help.

Laboratory tests from the Environmental Working Group - a nonprofit environmental research organization - revealed that 287 different toxic chemicals are commonly found in umbilical cord blood, many of which are known to cause cancer, can be toxic to the brain, and can lead to birth defects. Some of these nasty chemicals get trapped so deep inside our bodies that mothers can spread them to their unborn child!

Our livers, kidneys, skin and lungs (our main detox organs) were not designed to handle this level of contamination, and that’s what most mainstream doctors miss.

Today's living environment has only intensified the problem. It's become so toxic that our bodies can't process and get rid of everything the world throws at us. This is why we here at Zenus are so adamant at placing the highest priority on whole food, plant based supplements that provide our bodies with additional tools that support the body's most important - yet often overlooked - purification system.

Studies show that a healthy and robust lymphatic system is more effective than any other solution. Because when working correctly, it rounds up viruses, infectious bacteria, waste material from cells, as well as dangerous toxins in your blood. But when this overlooked - and often ignored detox - system slows down and becomes stagnant, experts say this bottleneck in your natural detox system leads to joint pain, fatigue, weight gain and can even lead to cancer.

Think of your lymphatic system as the body’s drainage system. It filters out harmful substances from your bloodstream. It kills cancer cells. It supports your circulatory system. And it’s vital for proper immune function. While it’s been mostly forgotten by the medical community, health experts say if you’re not working to strengthen your lymphatic system, you’re missing out on a HUGE piece of the anti-aging, anti-cancer puzzle.

Our bodies contain twice as much lymph fluid as blood.

While we often think about blood as being the most important fluid in our body, we seldom consider the value of lymph fluid which is - at the least - of equal value. That is because lymph fluid moves through your body and traps bacteria, infections, excess fat, and toxins It then flows to your lymph nodes, which you more than likely recognize as those two littles “nodes” that your doctor feels on the side of your neck when you go in for a check-up.

Yet, your body has over 600 lymph nodes. And each node contains an important array of virus killing cells. Like a water filter, these nodes filter pathogens trapped in this lymph fluid - effectively cleaning it and returning clean lymph fluid back to your bloodstream.

People with a healthy lymphatic system tend to have better immune function and get sick less. They have better skin, look younger, have fewer joint issues, better heart function, lower blood pressure and are less likely to get cancer. However, every minute of every day, our lymphatic system is under siege from invaders that didn't exist decades ago due to environmental toxins, chemicals in processed food, pollutants in our air and heavy metals in our water supply.

Simply put, our lymphatic system wasn't designed to deal with this overload of synthetic chemicals attacking our immune system. These nasty toxins from our environment “light up” a bonfire of inflammation in our body making it harder for our lymph fluid to collect foreign invaders. It also places extra stress on our lymph nodes to try to clean fluid.

Excess toxins cause a massive build-up in our system and, unlike our circulatory system, our lymphatic system does not have a heart-like “pump” to enhance the process. So there’s no easy way to speed up lymph flow. This causes bacteria-filled lymph fluid to “back up” and it results in a condition termed lymphatic congestion. Like a sewer drain overflowing with trash, this toxin-filled lymph fluid sits and festers. This in turn slows down blood flow. Nutrients now take longer to get to where your body needs them leading to a smorgasbord of health problems including, among others:

  • Skin problems
  • Joint Pain
  • Weight gain
  • Cellulite
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sinus infections
  • Digestive disorders
  • Viruses (even the common cold)
  • Premature aging
  • “Lymphedema," or the swelling from backed-up lymph fluid. (This makes you look fat and bloated.)
  • How to Avoid Lymphatic Congestion?

    We have learned through experience that the combination of Optimum D-Tox with Esseniac Herbal Tea makes for a tremendous one-two impact in the elimination of toxins that cause lymphatic congestion. This leads to a much healthier and more robust lymphatic system better equipped to restore balance in the body, thus resulting in the elimination of dis-ease. Remember, when we remove the poisons and toxins from our systems, we restore the vital balance required in that pursuit of optimal wellness.

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