Understanding the Healing Processes

Understanding the Healing Processes

Medicine and surgery can remove obstructions, but neither can cure. A medical procedure may remove the bullet, but nature heals the wound. Conventional medicine would have us cover up the symptoms of a serious disease which simply leads to more degeneration and disease, making us a permanent patient. So what get’s covered up in this formula? The causes of our condition: toxins, poisons, metabolic and retained wastes, along with unhealthy foods.

If left suppressed and allowed to accumulate, abnormal substances slowly destroy the body. Systemic toxicity will develop into any number of challenging diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and many other degenerative issues. These are the conditions that afflict nearly half the American population. So we can’t place the blame on physicians for destroying us - as we did it to ourselves - and usually with our favorite poisons: cigarettes, ice cream, chocolate bars, that extra shot of alcohol. Maybe a negative mindset too - in the form of anger, fear, worry, resentment, stress or self neglect.

The moment a person suppresses his or her real nature - whether it is to please somebody or to refrain from displeasing somebody – a body-mind level of emotional integrity is compromised and undergoes change and deterioration. Disease then becomes inevitable. And there are NO incurable diseases. The only incurable thing we face is people who don’t want to get better bad enough to take control of their own destiny and wellness - people who by their own neglect and ignorance have allowed their condition to progress to a level of incurable degree.

To Understand Healing, We Must Accept and Appreciate ...

That disease is what our excesses, negligence and abusive lifestyles have been doing to us until these things can muster up the strength to adversely affect our health, our lives, our relationships and our businesses. In order to reverse these trends and enjoy optimum wellness, to both achieve and sustain the life you want to live emotionally and physically, we must first accept the responsibility for healing and provide our bodies with everything that is required to restore well-being. It begins with the right choices and mindset, of course, but we must resign ourselves to the fact that we also need guidance, support and the right remedies. To gain a clear understanding of what the full nature of disease is, there must be acknowledgement that healing begins with YOU - not in the form of some label that is little more than the name of a specific disease pattern, but as a lifestyle choice that places value on harmony and balance above all other things.

That it is critical you believe in whatever therapy you chose to address your challenge. It is important to understand and accept that curing is NOT what our doctors are doing by removing or destroying organs as if they were spare parts of little value or by prescribing drugs. Drugs may have the capacity to make you feel better - not BE better. There has never been a drug or health care professional who has cured a single person of disease. There is no remedy or treatment which guarantees the magic elimination of disease and complete restoration of health. And there is no medicine that has magic powers. There are no healing panaceas. There are no wonder drugs other than those whose side effects make us wonder why doctors prescribed them in the first place.

That no remedy is going to work if we do nothing to help ourselves. Even then, cures don't work if we have long neglected the body's needs past its point of no return. And therefore, curing is not just band-aiding, masking, relieving or controlling symptoms.

That only nature can cure! As long as we are prepared to give it the time needed to perform its all-important task.

What is Curing?

Our goal is the restoration of the wholeness and perfection of YOU. That means:

  • your body and mind
  • your emotions and life forces
  • your purpose for living
  • your ability to live intensely
  • your peace of mind and joy of living

It begins with the neutralizing and elimination of all toxins. The replenishing of all the nutrients that body needs. And by using those therapies that really cure – whether these are natural, alternative or holistic.

When we speak of cures, we must also introduce The Three C's of Curing which are essential to this process:

  • Caring
  • Cleaning
  • Changing


Caring is more than taking the pills that a doctor gave you, or all of those vitamins and supplements that you believe to be so good for you. It is more than watching your diet along the lines your mother or TV once taught you to do. It is more than jogging or exercising or working out.

Breakfasts of coffee, toast, corn flakes, milk and sugar; a sandwich, a bowl of canned soup at noon; and a supper of very well-cooked meat, mashed potatoes, canned or frozen vegetables or - if in a hurry - a TV dinner, pizza or a Big Mac. None of these are examples of caring meals.

Hurrying, rushing through life - never taking time off, never making time to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment, nor taking the time to be one's self or finding out just exactly what our whole person needs - these choices are certainly not great examples of caring for ourselves either.

How could it be that you would look after your home or car with as little care and attention as we pay to our bodies. You would keep them all clean and in good repair. You would provide everything it takes to keep them in perfect condition. If you had a luxury car you would most assuredly give it special care. You would regularly change the oil and clean the air and oil filters. You wouldn't consider filling your tank with cut-rate gas. You would keep the right amount of air in the tires and service it on a regular basis. Why not give the same attention to yourself?

If you owned an expensive racehorse, would you be keeping him up half the night partying? Would you be feeding it junk food and forcing him to smoke cigarettes? I don’t think so.

Why then do we give so much care and attention to those things that, although they may have value, can never compare to the value of our minds, our bodies, our feelings and our physical abilities. The body, mind and emotions is our temple of God with all the marvels and miracles of God’s creation in you. It is up to us to be good caretakers and stewards of that temple.


Body toxicity is a major part of all serious illness when living in our polluted conditions and environment of civilization. Since 1945 none of us living in civilization, in the ecology and by the lifestyles that civilization has brought to us, has lived a single minute of our lives free of chemicals, drugs, pollutants and poisoning.

In 1945, when the drug companies took over the marketplace and our lives, on their shelves they had tens of thousands of tons of chemicals and drugs that had been prepared for the war effort. They could no longer dispose of them, so they dumped them into our streams, into our waters, our foods, our air, our soil and - worse still - into our bodies.

We now live in a world infiltrated with tens of thousands of toxic and hazardous chemicals and pollutants. Every single drug that is prescribed to you by a doctor is a hazard to your health - a poison. There is no such thing as a tablet or pill that is processed by man that doesn't have some harmful effect on our body. Every unnatural and processed substance, every chemical - every-thing that man touches or changes - is toxic.

According to a recent FDA study, it was estimated that 6.7% of hospitalized patients had a serious adverse drug reaction (ADR) with a fatality rate of 0.32%. If these estimates are indeed true, then there are more than 2,216,000 serious ADRs in hospitalized patients, causing over 106,000 deaths annually. That puts ADRs as the fourth-leading cause of death - ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, workplace accidents and automobile deaths - and these statistics do not include the number of ADRs that have occurred in ambulatory settings. Also, it is estimated that more than 350,000 ADRs now occur in US nursing homes each year. The exact number of these incidents is not firm and remains limited by methodological considerations. However, whatever the true number really is, ADRs represent a significant public health problem that is, for the most part, preventable.

In the early part of this century, a physician named J.H.Tilden abandoned the use of drugs after 18 years of practice. He claimed they did not cure disease; they contributed to it! He began treating his patients according to what he called the Theory of Toxemia. Later, he would publish a book titled, "Toxemia Explained," and while its theories on body toxicity and detoxification aren’t new, it certainly reinforced that basis of healing practices that have been known since ancient times.

The word “toxemia” means poisons (tox) in the blood (emia). Yet Tilden used the word in a much broader sense. To him it meant poisons saturating body fluids and blood - as well as the tissues and cells throughout the body. Tilden’s discussion of toxemia is simple and concise. It explains how we develop many diseases and he provides methods of regaining health and preventing further illness.

Toxemia arises from our day-to-day living as we exposing ourselves to health eroding conditions - from living in a polluted environment to all of the negative poisoning thoughts, values, attitudes, habits and lifestyles that overwhelm our bodies with abnormal body damaging chemicals, drugs and pollutants. These poisons accumulate and stagnate in our blood and tissue fluids and our cells bathe in these fluids, like fish in an ocean. For comparison, consider a small pond where various plants, fish, frogs and crickets thrive. Under ideal conditions, fresh water circulates into the pond at a regular rate. Water occupying this pond will flow out, carrying with it the waste and pollutants produced by the animals and plants. However, If that inflow and outflow of water becomes sluggish or blocked, the water stagnates. Waste now collects - and gradually the vibrant heath of the pond declines. The lilies become soggy and covered with slime; the fish swim listlessly - if at all -and the frogs no longer croak; the shore and floor of the pond become covered with a brown muck; and the once crystal-clear water becomes dark and smells foul.

This filthy, dismal condition of the pond is analogous to the body of the average middle-aged patient. The body produces waste and cell debris faster than it can dispose of them. These pile up. Just like the pond, they stagnate in the blood and tissue fluid. When a person's throat gets sore, it isn't because it has been attacked by vicious germs. Microbes generally aren't aggressive invaders; they fall into holes in our tissues dug by toxins that have stagnated in our body.

According to Tilden's theory, it's because cells and throat tissue are poisoned. They're left unable to resist penetration by microbes. Unless he flushes his mouth with an odor-killing solution, his breath may have a stench as offensive as that of the pond. Arthritis is not due to the "wear-and-tear" of everyday use. Instead, it is due to the level toxic waste that accumulates in our joint tissues. These tissues can't then cope with even the normal stresses of joint movements. Joints degenerate; they are unable to repair themselves. Movement then severely irritates the joint tissues. They become inflamed, swollen and painful.

When we pass foul smelling gas, it is not because we ate the wrong type of beans (this may contribute a little), or that we have swallowed too much air (not likely), but because toxic waste in blood - that flows through the tissues of the wails of stomach and intestines - have poisoned their cells. This suppresses the secretion of enzymes they must produce in order to completely digest our foods.

Foods which are not completely digested rot and putrefy and generate gases with these foul odors. Some of these rotting or putrefying substances, as they slowly pass through the intestines, get absorbed into the blood stream. They poison the digestive organs again - erecting a vicious circle which tends to perpetuate a whole toxic process. The intestines become a cesspool and sewage system and a source of disease for the rest of the body. This toxin saturated blood reaches to every organ, tissue and cell of the body - and they, too, soon become toxic.

When the waste accumulates to a high concentration, they intoxicate and poison our cells. This toxicity will now affect the brain leaving the person feeling sluggish, emotionally depressed and irritable. It can affect the muscles, especially heart muscles, making them feel week and lethargic. Toxic skin becomes sallow and wrinkled. Toxicity can also affect the glands upsetting nerves and emotions leaving the person tired, lethargic, unhappy and without sex drive. It also will provide an invitation for infections and disease.


If we truly want to enjoy optimum wellness, then these toxic cycles must be eliminated. In order to have “balance” and have our bodies function efficiently, toxins must be flushed from the system. Even the best cleaning is useless until we stop putting back toxins into our bodies and we get rid of all pollutants.

This is done by a process called Detoxification - and if you are showing signs of ongoing sickness, repeated illness or just a general level of slowing down, there is no better time to begin your healing process than today.

In my book, Life or Grave Danger?, you will discover all kinds of guidance and support that will assist you in this process further, including how to set realistic objectives for your ongoing wellness, what to expect as detoxification removes all of the harmful poisons and how the Miracle of Mother Nature works through whole-foods to deliver us a cure from most of the ailments that derail our quest for balance and optimal balance.

Most of all, healing requires patience and dedication. Isn't it time that we began to believe in the body's ability to provide what it takes to repair and restore itself, and to realize it is a treasure trove of healing power and miracles?

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