An Answer to Cancer

Cancer now affects virtually every American in some way. The rates of acquiring cancer have reached catastrophic proportions in that one of every three people will directly experience this disease in their lifetime. So the question isn't so much what we can do to avoid, but how to inform ourselves, our families and colleagues about how to fight back in the face of such an insidious challenge. Are you and your loved ones ready to fight back? Do you have the right information? How do you get rid of all the causes and counteract their impact as they threaten to destroy your body and your life? How do you rejuvenate and rebuild your body and life so you may “really” regain your vigor and hope for many future years of enjoyment free from disease and the horrors that disease can produce?

Please visit An Answer To Cancer for a complimentary e-book to begin to answer these questions while helping to understand the nature of cancer and how to rid your body of the poisons and toxins necessary to begin the healing process. For more information on Zenus Global Health, simply visit the company website which features Doug Widdifield's 30 year commitment to optimal wellness.

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