Zenus Radio 002: Achieve Balance Now!

Fatigue, weakness, aches, pains, cramps, fevers, diarrhea, tumors, dizzy spells and other symptoms are not diseases. They are always the best and most effective way — sometimes the only available way — to warn our bodies that they need to defend, protect and repair themselves. This is the body's inner wisdom at work. They are signals for getting rid of causes, mobilizing healing processes, eliminating threats and detoxifying and neutralizing toxins and poisons; at least until other means can be brought into play which support our bodies in an effort to return our systems to a state of balance. For more information on Zenus Global Health, simply visit the company website which features Doug Widdifield's 30 year commitment to optimal wellness.

Special thanks to Dr. George Ritter for his long term support of Zenus Global Health and his important insights into the pursuit of healing. You can find Dr. Ritter at the Santa Paula Chiropractic Center where he provides inexpensive, high-quality care to people of all ages.

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