Zenus Radio 003: Solutions Beyond Symptoms

Conventional medicine, often called Western or allopathic medicine, is based on a disease model for diagnosis and treatment. When a person visits a medical doctor, they subject themselves to an examination of their physical bodies, just as one would take a vehicle to an auto repair shop to determine if all the parts are working well or if one or more of them need fixing. For the wellness community, the first step in healing is to understand and accept that disease is really nothing more than dis-ease - a condition of being ill at ease or uncomfortable. Disease is merely a body that is out of balance. The implications in this episode is whether this same formula can be applied to social dis-ease as well. For more information on Zenus Global Health, simply visit the company website which features Doug Widdifield's 30 year commitment to optimal wellness.

Special thanks to Dr Thomas Stone for his contined support of Zenus Global Health and his important work in both naturopathic healing and his commitment to the Philippines. You can learn more about Dr. Stone at the My Children's Haven where he is actively engaged in a Self-Supporting Alternative to conventional institutional orphanages for children from new born to early teens that have been orphaned or abandoned.

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