The 3 Questions To Ask Before Taking Supplements

The 3 Questions To Ask Before Taking Supplements

Last week we started a new special offer program for Optimum D-Tox to celebrate our 30 year anniversary in the whole food nutritional marketplace and even better than that, we decided to extend an unprecedented FREE trial for a limited time as long as you pay the $5.00 shipping!

The response so far has been incredible, but it's also been eye-opening as well. What I've discovered is that most of us are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of special offers for vitamins and supplements, but we aren't always armed with the right information for this complicated industry. Of course, there are lots of fabulous products that people have added to their regimen, but there is also a great deal of confusion out there too, promoting all kinds of scrutiny and doubt when something new comes along.

Maybe the supplements you take today have been successful. Perhaps you've never considered whole-food formulas before. So here are some requisite questions I would pose to any product before signing up for another supplement or formula (and while we're at it, I'll explain how Optimum D-Tox meets these standards too).

Is it made from whole-food?

This is a simple premise. If your supplement is either denatured or derived from an isolate, it is nothing more than another drug. And make no mistake about it: Every drug comes with a number of side effects which is the body telling us that it's not in harmony with its needs. Optimum D-Tox, like all of our products, come directly from Nature's Pharmacy which means that it's a complete, whole-food which has not been compromised during the entire process of converting it to a formula.

Has the product been tested and subjected to scrutiny?

Again, a clear and distinct request for clinical evaluation. In the case of Optimum D-Tox, this formula was the subject of a five-year double-blind clinical study which proved the efficacy of this product. At its conclusion, we were granted drug import permits from the People's Republic of China where standards for natural remedies are significant - and Zenus is still the only Western-based nutritional company to achieve this honor for not just one (but two) of its products.

Have medical doctors given direct endorsements of the product?

Testimonials are important - and we've received thousands over our 30 years - but when medical doctors and professionals endorse a 3rd party product's effectiveness, that speaks volumes. Not only have doctors and naturopaths endorsed Optimum D-Tox, they are actually recommending this formula to their patients. Actions speak louder than words, right? That's why I've included a link to What Doctors Are Saying About Optimum D-Tox for your review.

And here's a bonus question, but not required: Is there a trial period?

Well, in our case, we always stand behind our products. And I trust you'll not only explore The Detox That is More Than a Detox, but also share the powerful message behind our product. Unlike other detox and cleanse products, Optimum D-Tox is an adaptogen, which means it removes the poisons and toxins while providing the nutrients that promote balance within your digestive system and enforce a healthy immune system. Everyone seems to agree that detoxification is important, but doesn't it make sense to reach for the one formula that is endorsed by medical professionals and takes that extra step to restore balance? Only Optimum D-Tox reaches that significant objective and has done so for 30 years.

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