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The Zenus Health Show - Episode 11

How long before you realize that your health and wellness is your responsibility? Get a pathologist's view on why chronic disease is linked directly to toxins and poisons in our environment and why you should reach for detox and adaptogen's today.

The Zenus Health Show - Episode 8

In 2018, we have an important choice to make about chronic disease and whether we are prepared to rid our bodies of the poisons and toxins that conspire to undermine our wellness. Dr Zermeno joins us to confirm this thought process.

The 3 Questions To Ask Before Taking Supplements

Why is that no matter how much you tell your loved ones that poisons and toxins contribute to chronic disease, why is that so many won't do something about it until it's too late? Survivors and statistics are piling up daily.

Amazing product. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Is there still time to do something about chronic disease? Try this whole-food adaptogen for 30 Days FREE and discover why it's been called "The Foundation of Life" after a five-year study. For once, a sure-fire wellness Life Hack.

The Zenus Health Show - Episode 5

We are not only under siege from poisons and toxins, but also the effects of our environment and the shortcomings in the disease care system have reached a critical mass. Learn more about new diagnostics that may save your life.

The Zenus Health Show - Episode 2

In this episode of The Zenus Health Show, our listeners join us for questions and comments about their personal wellness objectives and the efficacy of Optimum D-Tox. Our special guest is Dr. Tom Stone.

All Disease Begins in The Gut

Poisons and toxins in our environment have reached unprecedented levels. Discover how Optimum D-Tox has become the most effective way to help your body combat the threat of chronic disease and why doctors recommend it to their patients.

Zenus Radio 005: Health Care or Disease Care

Looking for the best insurance policy in a world overwhelmed with poisons and toxins? In this episode Doug gives you his insight into why doctors are now adopting Optimum D-Tox and let's not forget how this product works with pets!

Zenus Radio 004: Host Resistance

Our exposure to toxins and poisons is ever present and reaching dangerous levels. Listen to why you need to act now and what some of our customers and members are saying about building their host resistance with Zenus.

What Doctors Say About Optimum D-Tox

The question that needs to be asked about Optimum D-Tox isn't whether it's effective - the question is why haven't you started to detox with Optimum D-Tox. Professionals in the healing arts are already recommending this formula to their patients too!

Zenus Radio 003: Solutions Beyond Symptoms

It is well-known that traditional medicine is designed to treat symptoms, often hand in hand with prescription drugs. In no way does it promote healing of degenerative or chronic conditions, nor does it tend to look beyond symptoms for solutions.

Zenus Radio 002: Achieve Balance Now!

Many of us are conscientious about taking our daily regimen of vitamins and minerals, believing these will maintain or restore our health. However, unless they are made from complete, whole foods, these are just dead chemicals.

Zenus Radio 001: Poisons and Toxins

We live in a toxic world. At the core of everything we do at Zenus Global Health is restoring balance to our immune system by first removing the poisons and toxins that compromise the body's innate ability to heal.

Episode 7: The Critical Role of Enzymes

Let's consider the important functions that enzymes perform within our body, and how Zenus products can help you achieve optimal wellness. That begins with the delicate balance of using and restoring our enzyme levels.

The Wellness Movement

A new century has dawned and with it arrives a new ideas about health and vitality. Our world is undergoing an historic shift from reactive to proactive approaches to fitness and well-being. The ramifications are huge in terms of economy and scope.

Episode 5: Summer and Sharing Your Journey

Summer is a time when we sit back a bit, take a moment to reflect and open ourselves to a season where we reconnect with friends, family and loved ones. It is also a time to share our success and what we've learned about our body's inner wisdom.

Solutions Over Symptoms

Diagnosis in medicine means putting a label onto any condition a person may experience. It does not include revealing or evaluating the causes of disease, nor the underlying processes to build a foundation for optimal wellness.

The Importance of Quality Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They are the most essential elements for the structure, the fluids, the organs, the glands, the healing processes of every cell, organ and tissue of the human body, and of every aspect of living.

Episode 1: Belief Systems and Early Objectives

In this breakout session, we take a first dive into belief systems and mindsets before all other things. Doug also discusses early mentors, biggest influences and what led him to author "Life or Grave Danger?" as his roadmap to optimal wellness.

Understanding the Healing Processes

Medicine and surgery may remove obstructions, but neither can cure. Only nature can be our cure! Surgery removes the bullet, but nature heals the wound.

How to Boost Your Body’s Most Powerful Detox System

Many doctors don’t recognize the importance of detoxifying our bodies even though there’s overwhelming evidence that the chemicals, solvents, toxins and other dangerous compounds get into our bodies and stay there - unless we do something to help.

Our Three Obligations to Others

Sharing our success with others is among the most important virtues we possess. As members of a greater community we are faced with a real and moral obligation to inspire and lend our wisdom, anticipating that others are in need of them now.

Five Things You Must Have in Your Wellness Plan

Most people can wrap their heads around health, happiness, and productivity are all related. Yet, behind these factors there must exist an actionable plan upon which your ideas and milestones are built - and one key element must not be overlooked.

Starting on Your Journey

Our commitment to change can only begin once we are given the right information and make sensible choices. There are no easy solutions to reaching balance in our lives, but with a bit of guidance and the right mindset - wellness can be achieved.

Digestion and Optimal Balance

What we eat and how that food is processed remains at the root of what is considered optimal wellness. The digestive tract is the leading source of many of the degenerative and chronic conditions that contribute to poor health.