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The Zenus Health Show - Episode 2

In this episode of The Zenus Health Show, our listeners join us for questions and comments about their personal wellness objectives and the efficacy of Optimum D-Tox. Our special guest is Dr. Tom Stone.

Episode 6: Making the Move to Zenus

Make wellness your business. A simple premise, but in this episode we dig a lot deeper into the company's aggressive compensation plan, why now is the right time to build your new business and how Zenus differentiates itself from the pack.

Solutions Over Symptoms

Diagnosis in medicine means putting a label onto any condition a person may experience. It does not include revealing or evaluating the causes of disease, nor the underlying processes to build a foundation for optimal wellness.

Challenging Medical Science

The study of disease is a full time, lifetime and wholly absorbing science. We should not disparage health care professionals nor their dedication, but we must question its culture of producing disease care outcomes over true wellness.