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The Zenus Health Show - Episode 11

How long before you realize that your health and wellness is your responsibility? Get a pathologist's view on why chronic disease is linked directly to toxins and poisons in our environment and why you should reach for detox and adaptogen's today.

The Zenus Health Show - Episode 10

Your plan to achieve enduring wellness is under threat. No matter your age, no matter your lifestyle choices, you must educate yourself deeper about the challenges of our environment, what detox products you use and how you enforce your system.

The Zenus Health Show - Episode 4

The dangers of toxic heavy metals are often overlooked by medical professionals, but their effects on young people are profound when combined with environmental factors and modern lifestyles. It's time that we look deeper and do it now!

Zenus Radio 005: Health Care or Disease Care

Looking for the best insurance policy in a world overwhelmed with poisons and toxins? In this episode Doug gives you his insight into why doctors are now adopting Optimum D-Tox and let's not forget how this product works with pets!

The Wellness Movement

A new century has dawned and with it arrives a new ideas about health and vitality. Our world is undergoing an historic shift from reactive to proactive approaches to fitness and well-being. The ramifications are huge in terms of economy and scope.

Challenging Medical Science

The study of disease is a full time, lifetime and wholly absorbing science. We should not disparage health care professionals nor their dedication, but we must question its culture of producing disease care outcomes over true wellness.

Understanding the Healing Processes

Medicine and surgery may remove obstructions, but neither can cure. Only nature can be our cure! Surgery removes the bullet, but nature heals the wound.

Introducing The Wellness Express

Starting in June 2017, Zenus will be broadcasting regularly scheduled shows that support the optimal wellness vision as outlined in Doug Widdifield's book, Life or Grave Danger?, along with his line of whole-food nutritional supplements and more!

Five Things You Must Have in Your Wellness Plan

Most people can wrap their heads around health, happiness, and productivity are all related. Yet, behind these factors there must exist an actionable plan upon which your ideas and milestones are built - and one key element must not be overlooked.

Starting on Your Journey

Our commitment to change can only begin once we are given the right information and make sensible choices. There are no easy solutions to reaching balance in our lives, but with a bit of guidance and the right mindset - wellness can be achieved.

The Vitamin C Conspiracy

The fact that vitamin C leads to a healthy lifestyle and that our modern diet has left us chronically depleted cannot be disputed, but let's have an open discussion about what constitutes this important compound and what has been a big swindle.