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Episode 8: Building Host Resistance

Remove the poisons and toxins today! What an important episode this is as Doug Widdifield gets underneath the Zenus philosophy which is giving your body the key components that detoxify and help us begin repair and restoration.

Episode 7: The Critical Role of Enzymes

Let's consider the important functions that enzymes perform within our body, and how Zenus products can help you achieve optimal wellness. That begins with the delicate balance of using and restoring our enzyme levels.

Episode 6: Making the Move to Zenus

Make wellness your business. A simple premise, but in this episode we dig a lot deeper into the company's aggressive compensation plan, why now is the right time to build your new business and how Zenus differentiates itself from the pack.

Episode 5: Summer and Sharing Your Journey

Summer is a time when we sit back a bit, take a moment to reflect and open ourselves to a season where we reconnect with friends, family and loved ones. It is also a time to share our success and what we've learned about our body's inner wisdom.

Episode 4: Toxicity and Cancer

In this episode, we bring together what inspired the creation of Zenus Global Health and a most powerful message found in Life or Grave Danger? - our bodies have no time limit in the face of cancer.

Episode 3: Questions and Answers

With our first couple of shows already distributed, Doug has the first opportunity to field some of the most popular questions about his company, his products and where the company is headed next.

Episode 2: Change and Commitment

There have never been silver bullets or magic pills when it comes to the matter of wellness - we have to make that all-important choice to change or evolve in terms of our collective mindset. In fact the solutions have always been within us.

Episode 1: Belief Systems and Early Objectives

In this breakout session, we take a first dive into belief systems and mindsets before all other things. Doug also discusses early mentors, biggest influences and what led him to author "Life or Grave Danger?" as his roadmap to optimal wellness.

Introducing The Wellness Express

Starting in June 2017, Zenus will be broadcasting regularly scheduled shows that support the optimal wellness vision as outlined in Doug Widdifield's book, Life or Grave Danger?, along with his line of whole-food nutritional supplements and more!